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Second Grade News

May 12, 2017


SPELLING TEST    May  17  &  19


way             away            root       balloon          play             display      reach     

explain      meadow      little      complete        enough      river           enjoy



1.  Can you explain how to play the game?

2.  Will you help me complete this puzzle?

3.  Is this enough money to buy the toy?


·      The week of the 14th is the last week for DRESS DOWN PASSES.

·      TUESDAY,  MAY 16TH, TALENT SHOW TRY-OUTS   3:00-4:30

·      Wednesday, May 17th,  RACE FOR EDUCATION

Please wear St. Michael Crusader Race Shirt with a dress down bottom.



Did you hear all the great things we saw at Science Central?  I’ve been there three times and I still haven’t seen everything.  One of the favorite attractions was the tilted house.  Ooooh, it made me dizzy!  The boys in my group played with the pulleys.  Yes, they could lift me up but it made a big difference which pulley system they used.  The huge slide was fun for some, but many second graders were too short to try it.  My group tried to build an arch, but after five blocks fell down, that was it.  There was so much to see that they weren’t going to try again.  Lunch was great.  Apparently, some parents didn’t think their child was ever returning because the packed lunches were huge.  Surprisingly, everything was eaten.  Our demonstration was on Global Warming.  I learned a lot and we should all be doing something to slow down global warming.





I want to especially thank all our chaperones.  You are such a great help watching our children.  I didn’t hear any bad reports from our chaperones so I assumed my class was good.  Thank you for taking your time to come with us. 


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY  May God bless all of you Moms.

Have a wonderful day!!!!


God bless you,


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