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3rd Grade Newsletter

January 22-26, 2018

Amazing Animals of the Mojave is our story for this week. We will be learning about animals in deserts all over the world as the students will be assigned a desert to do a report on. Each student will have a different desert (and yes there are 25+ deserts in the world). I will give them the paper they need to use and it will be done at home. They will present their desert to the class on Friday. They may use internet, books, magazines, or any other source for finding their information. They need to present it in drawing form only. I will send home a rubric that I will use to grade so they have an idea of what is expected of them. It is to be done all by hand - no print-outs, or pictures from another source. They may put some extra information on the back of their picture to help when they present it to the class. Nerves may take over and they tend to forget all they researched during the week.

We are also reading Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain this week as our regular story is not AR.  

Spelling words; (variant vowels) taught, hauls, caused, paused, squawk, drawing, crawl, flawless, lawn, salt, talked, halls, water, bought, thoughtless, inches, cities, cherries, walrus, autumn

Vocabulary words:  excellent, prefer, protection, related, alert, environment, shelter, competition

In Grammar we are working with helping verbs.

We continue with fractions in Math.

In Science we are learning about landforms and how they are effected by slow and fast changes in nature.

Religion is chapter 14 - Kingdom of Love.

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